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Automatic station BGA WISDOMSHOW WDS-700 Split Vision

Automatic station BGA WISDOMSHOW WDS-700 Split Vision
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Product weight: 120.00 kg

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Automatic station BGA WISDOMSHOW WDS-700 Split Vision is an integrated system for repair BGA / microBGA. Professional and modern solution for assembly and disassembly BGA, uBGA, BGA, CSP, SMD, micro SMD, LGA, CCGA, CBGA, CCGA, QFN, MLF, PGA services for consumer electronics, medical, telecommunication, military, automotive. The device is designed with a particular emphasis on small components BGA, SMD micro repair motherboard mobile phones, all modules and drivers including car made in the technology of lead solder and lead-free. The model is particularly recommended for work with small chips and PCB boards and where the manufacturer has not applied the positioning line on the laminate. High power and efficient cooling system provides efficient operation and shorten the impact of high temperature on the plate to a minimum.

Total Power: 2600W
The power of the upper heating element hotair: 1200W
The power of the lower heating element hotair: 1200W
Voltage: AC 230V / 230V 50 / 60Hz (the power cord 3x2,5mm2)
Temperature sensor: Sensor type K (thermocouple) with an accuracy of 1C
Positioning (PCB holder): V-groove
Min. Size of PCB: 0x0mm
Max. PCB size: 200x200mm
Size supported BGA: 6-25mm
The thickness of the PCB laminates supported: 0,5-4mm
The dimensions of the station with LCD: 700 (H.) X 470 (D.) X 410mm (W).
Control: The color touch screen 7 "HD HMI + PLC
Overcurrent protection fuse characteristic C32.
Net Weight: 30kg

The distinguishing features model WDS-700:
- Optical positioning system BGA Split Vision
- Control of the upper heater Hotair both the joystick and the level of software,
- Three automatic modes:
  Weld - automatic mode soldering system
  Remove - the automatic mode unsolder system
  Mount - automatic mode positioning BGA terms of PCB layout and soldering
- A semi-automatic mode "Semi-Auto" to provide full control over the process,
- Automatic lifting and lowering of the BGA before and after the soldering process,
- New quieter and more precise stepper motor of the upper heater Hotair,
- The new improved version of the HMI software with higher models station BGA brand Wisdomshow,
- High heating power for small BGA 2600W,
- Large surface area provided on the PCB 200x200mm,
- 2 microprocessor-controlled heating zones 2xHOTAIR,
- LCD touch screen with microprocessor control and visualization and storage 20000 soldering profiles,
- Three interchangeable suction nozzles of the upper vacuum gripper for small BGA,
- New precision double-sided handles for small PCB,
- External USB port for software updates.

Station BGA Wisdomshow WDS-700 allows you to control and track all the parameters on a regular basis on the touch screen 7 "LCD.
The LCD display shows all parameters of the stations in real time, including graphical visualization of the state of the heating process, and the set and achieved temperature on the chart for each of the two zones.
On this screen in numerical and graph on the following temperatures:
- The target temperature in the step (target)
- Temperature of the upper heater HR
- Heater temperature lower HR
- The real temperature of the system BGA with an external sensor.
In addition, as a rare station given separately for each of the two zones, the total heating time in the range of 3 compartment temperature set by the operator - important to meet the standards of the IPC.
After finishing the process of solder on the display, you can analyze the full process of heating every 3 heating zones including checking the temperature.
Software station is equipped with the backup profile KEEP. When pressed, the station maintains all temperatures achieved by it at a time until the button is pressed again KEEP. This function is useful in the event of such a solder that quite reluctantly melts at temperatures deemed appropriate for the alloy.
In order to ensure the best results soldering station uses 2 independent zones / heating surfaces whose temperature can be monitored and controlled separately.
The first (upper) and second (lower) zone is blowing hot air HR.
Soldering process can be programmed with the touch screen for creating the specifics of the PCB and solder the appropriate profile.
Each of the 2 heating zones can be controlled separately by 8 groups / steps of parameters. Each group / step consists of three parameters:
- Temperature rise per second
- The final temperature
- Time to maintain a given temperature
With precise control of growth and temperature values at every stage in the process they maintained the highest standards and IPC standards precisely define each phase soldering BGA ie. PREBAKE, PREHEAT, SOAK, REFLOW, COOLING.
In order to determine the exact temperature in each section uses precise K-type thermocouple with accuracy 1C operating in closed loops.
After each process of de-soldering / soldering alarm is generated.
In the case of the emergence of uncontrolled high temperatures or damage to one of the fans programmed protection system can trigger an alarm and disconnect heating zones.
The station is equipped with 3 points of support plates on each side. Main handle PCB is equipped with a V-groove which ensures fast and stable installation of the panels and a large range of adjustment. In the case of CDs with irregular shapes station is equipped with 4-sided PCB holders of the corner-shaped grooves of type V.
To channel the hot air and the protection of neighboring elements in a center in the upper and lower magnetic designed nozzles. The nozzles are mounted very easily with one hand. They can be adjusted and rotated to any angle.
All hot-air jets (up / down) have special side openings which is discharged excess of hot air.
The station equipped with a system Split Vision for precise positioning with respect to the BGA pads PCB using the:
- Prism system with LED backlight,
- Three screws nanoscale ensure rotation BGA and PCB in any necessary plane
- Camera with zoom and 1080p LCD monitor.

The station is also equipped with:
- LED lighting,
- emergency switch,
- A slot for an external temperature sensor type K,
- Adjustable LED backlight system Split Vision independently for BGA and PCB,
- External USB port for software updates.

The station is certified and CE marked.
The set also includes a monitor 15 "LCD 1080p.

The set consists of:
1. Soldering Station WDS-700 with a capacity of 2600W.
2. The nozzles of the upper heater hot-air (12x12mm, 14x20mm, 18x18mm).
3. The main nozzle lower hot-air heater (25x25mm).
4. Three metal suction nozzles of different diameter screw in the upper vacuum gripper.
5. Replacement tip silicone gripper vacuum.
6. thermocouple type K
7. Four handles custom PCB mounting bolts and nuts.
8. Monitor LCD 15 "1080p.
9. Polish manual Poland.
Product weight: 120.00 kg.
Delivery time: 1-3 working days from shiping date
Shipping cost: 467.89 EUR


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