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Medusa Pro Box (JTAG i EMMC) Medusa Pro Box (JTAG i EMMC) more
159.00 EUR w/o VAT

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Medusa JTAG Box (Full edition)

Price with discount: 110.67 EUR w/o VAT
119,00 EUR
You save: 7%
Medusa JTAG Box (Full edition) it's new box of good known team in GSM - producer of SmartClip, Octopus box that allows you to repair boot in LG 3G-Cyon-Show-FOMA and Anycall phones. It's a professional JTAG programmer allowing you to work with mobile devices through JTAG interface. The main intended purpose of Medusa JTAG Box is repairing dead boots of the devices (cell phones, PDAs, modems, etc.) or these devices recovery until they become fully operational. After repair you can simply flash phone/device by any flasher...

Main features:
- LG 3G-Cyon-Show-FOMA phones support
- Anycall phones support
- Fast updates and customer support
- Easy-to-use, multilingual interface

Software Features::
- Read Boot/Flash
- Write Boot/Flash
- Erase Boot/Flash
- Repair Boot/Flash

Supported CPUs:

  • Qualcomm MSM6245/MSM6246
  • Qualcomm MSM6250/MSM6250A
  • Qualcomm MSM6260
  • Qualcomm MSM6275
  • Qualcomm MSM6280/MSM6280A
  • Qualcomm MSM6281
  • Qualcomm MSM6290
  • Qualcomm MSM6800
  • Qualcomm MSM7200/MSM7200A
  • Qualcomm MSM7201A
  • Qualcomm MSM7227
  • Qualcomm QSC6270
  • Qualcomm QSD8250

    Supported models:

    HTC: HTC Elf, HTC HD2
    Huawei: Huawei E153, Huawei E1550, Huawei K3765, Huawei U1000S, Huawei U120S
    LG: LG C710h, LG CT810, LG CT815, LG CU405, LG CU500, LG CU575, LG CU720, LG CU920, LG E720, LG GD880, LG GD880f, LG GM730, LG GM730e, LG GM730f, LG GM735, LG GM750, LG GM750h, LG GM750n, LG GM750Q, LG GT540, LG GT540f, LG GT540G, LG GT540GO, LG GT540R, LG GT810H, LG KH1000, LG KH1200, LG KH1400, LG KH1600, LG KH1800, LG KH1800M, LG KH2100, LG KH2200, LG KH2700, LG KH3100, LG KH3400, LG KH3900, LG KH6400, LG KH6500, LG KH8200, LG KU1000, LG KU400, LG KU4300, LG KU6300, LG KU730, LG KU9100, LG KU9200, LG KU9300, LG KU9600, LG L04A, LG L06A, LG L600i, LG L601i, LG L704i, LG L705i, LG L705ix, LG L706ie, LG LU2300, LG LV7400, LG P350, LG P350G, LG P350GO, LG P500, LG P500H, LG P505, LG P505R, LG P506, LG P506GO, LG P509, LG SH110, LG SH150, LG SH150A, LG SH170, LG SH210, LG SH240, LG SH400, LG SH410, LG SH460, LG SH470, LG SH640, LG SH650, LG SH810, LG SU100, LG SU130, LG SU430, LG SU630, LG SU910, LG SU920, LG SU950, LG SU960, LG TU720, LG TU915, LG U8210
    Samsung: Samsung SCH-W240, Samsung SCH-W350, Samsung SCH-W390, Samsung SCH-W560, Samsung SCH-W830, Samsung SGH-i900, Samsung SGH-i908, Samsung SGH-Z140, Samsung SPH-W8300, Samsung SPH-W8400, Samsung SPH-W9500, Samsung U700, Samsung W330, Samsung W460, Samsung W720, Samsung Z300, Samsung ZV10
    Siemens: Siemens EF81
    Vodafone: Vodafone 715
    ZTE: ZTE K3765-Z, ZTE MF100, ZTE MF180s, ZTE MF622, ZTE MF626


    Set contains::
    - Medusa Box and Dongle
    - Universal testpoints set
    - RJ-50 Cables for soldering
    - JTAG Clip
  • 6 months of access to Bootloader v2.0 (20Gb)
  • invoice


    We offer 6 months warranty for this product