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Antistatic Wrist Strap and ESD mates

When working with electronic components, the greatest risk is electrostatic discharge, which is why it is so important to use ESD antistatic tools that will effectively protect the electronic station. Electrostatic discharges often cause errors when repairing equipment. Antistatic mats will effectively distribute loads, securing the elements on it. Antistatic floor mats, wristbands will ground the service technician. Antistatic tools for cleaning devices, tablets or phones in the form of tweezers, tweezers, brushes, gloves or cloths will additionally protect the devices. The electrostatic charge ionizer neutralizes the charges in the environment of electronic stations, which will additionally protect the serviced devices.

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Anti-static mat PROSKIT 8BM-405A 60x120 cm
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Anti-static mat PROSKIT 8BM-405A 60x120 cm

Anti-static mat PROSKIT 8BM-405A 60x120 cm is a very good quality ESD anti-static mat ideal for every service. Mat equipped with a latch and the earth wire (with resistor connected 1M), which is necessary for proper and safe operation. The underside of the mat surface perfectly adheres to any surface and ensures stability during operation.

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