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When shopping in our online store , you can get the following discounts:

The sum of purchases on acount


1000 EUR w/o TAX

3 %

2000 EUR w/o TAX

5 %

3000 EUR w/o TAX

7 %

Shop undertake to provide its customers with the abovementioned discounts on the following principles
1. Discounts are allocated only to customers who are registered in our shop.
2. In order to obtain the individual rebate is exceeding the sum of purchases indicated in the above table. It is not required to make a one-time purchase amount specified in the table.
3. Discounts are allocated for a period of 180 days from the moment you cross the threshold of turnover. During this period you must place and pay at least one order to extend the discount granted a further period of 180 days.
4. Discounts apply for all next orders above the threshold discount.
5. Discounts can not be combined with other discounts granted by the shop.
6. Discounts do not include the purchase of machinery and other high volume products - if you wish to purchase these types of articles, please contact us.
Purchase at wholesale prices:
Shop undertake to grant the status of PARTNER (wholesale prices) on the following principles .
1. PARTNER status is assigned only to customers are registered in our shop.
2. PARTNER status is assigned only to customers who have a registered business (Entrepreneur).
3. PARTNER status is available to customers with a turnover of our company has exceeded 1500 EUR w/o VAT
4. PARTNER status is granted for a period of 180 days. During this period, client are obligated to make orders that the sum must exceed 120 EUR w/o VAT . If within 180 days of the purchase value falls below this threshold, the shop will automatically lock granted partner status .