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Order methods

Order by Internet shop:

a) Shopping in our site can be made in the 'Products' section. To buy specified item you must write a quantity into the form near button and then click on it. Selected product will appear in cart. This does not mean that you are making a firm order. It just creates a price quotation of your potential order.

b) You can add all cable types an quantity, or special accessories, etc. in the purchase bag and take some away later in the process. When you are done, click on check cart link at any place in our shop (you will see link on the right), and you will be able to modify this price quote.

c) At any moment of order you may delete chosen item from order by just clicking on image after entering to "check cart".

d) If you decide to confirm the order just click on send order link at 'YOUR ORDER' panel, you'll be requested to give name and address details, choose a payment means, and you'll have to confirm once more that you want to place this order (you may at any time leave the process and go back to the product pages).

e) A reply mail will confirm the price quotation and acknowledge receipt of your order if you select Credit Card payment, in other case is not necessary confirmation email with all payment details.

f) After payment verification confirmation we will send you an email with approximately shipping time of your parcel.

g) If you choose DHL or UPS as a courier you can track your order after dispatch from our company at any time, day or night, from any location, and to know exactly when your package will be delivered. Please note that only DHL or UPS are traceable method - others like EMS, post office cannot be tracked via any websites.