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Remote Support via TeamViewer

Many problems encountered by users of purchased devices can be diagnosed and solved remotely through TeamViewer connection. Technical support applies only to products during the warranty period of the device - if your device is already after guarantee, contact us by sending an inquiry to technika@multi-com.pl to evaluate the solution to the problem via a remote connection.

To be prepared to diagnose and solve your problems without unnecessary expectation, please send us the following data to the following address: technika@multi-com.pl:

a) name of the device (link from our offer), which the problem concerns
b) the order number and / or invoice for the purchase of the device (possibly information on who the purchase was purchased + the number of the warranty seal)
c) the version of the operating system, including information whether it is a 32 or 64 bit system
d) software version for the device / key that you have installed (that is, you are trying to run)
e) screenshot in JPG showing how the key / card / device in the system is installed (Device Manager)
f) screen shot in JPG, i.e. an error that appears when trying to run the software
g) access data (ID and password) to TeamViewer version no higher than 7.0. If you do not have this version, you can download the quick remote assistance program from Multi-COM Quick Support and run it (the program must be running all the time so that we can connect)

As soon as we receive ALL of the above information, we will provide a solution to the problem or we will connect remotely during the working hours of our company, ie PON-PIA from 8:00 to 16:00 CET in order to solve it.