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TT20 thermostatic chamber

TT20 thermostatic chamber
Price: 1499,00 EUR w/o VAT


ID: 22589

Product weight: 105.00 kg

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TT20 thermostatic chamber is an economical solution that allows you to maintain a specific temperature. The TT20 device allows you to adjust the temperature from -18C to + 100C (depending on external conditions) ensuring a high standard of temperature keeping and unparalleled flexibility. The illuminated chamber (LEDs) and the built-in grommet allow you to place other devices in it and control their parameters. The device can be connected to a computer and control the entire process directly from the PC. The device was made by the manufacturer according to our guidelines and checked in our laboratory for data readings (NAND), disassembling the bodies and other works for over a year!
Features of the TT20 chamber:

• small size and weight, compact design
• thermostat used for cooling and freezing samples
• the highest quality materials - stainless steel
* glass door panel (double glazing) for visual inspection of specimens
* LED internal backlight
• easy control via the operator panel with display or via a PC
* the possibility of leading the cable inside the device through a specially designed culvert
* built-in alarm for low amount of refrigerant

* Operating temperature range: -18 to + 100C
* Type: Peltier cells
* Temperature stabilization accuracy at the point: = -0.2C
* Temperature setting accuracy: + -0.1C
* STAND BY power consumption: <100W
* Rated voltage and frequency: 230V 50Hz
* External dimensions: 490 x 600 x 255 mm
* Internal dimensions of the chamber after removing the tray: 242 x 148 x 300 mm (pins per shelf every 69mm)
* Connection to a PC for reading the temperature and its setting
* Net weight: 20kg









The set includes:

* Thermostatic chamber TT20
* User manual
* cable with RS232 / USB converter

The manufacturer gives a 12-month warranty for the device

Product weight: 105.00 kg.
Delivery time: 1-3 working days from shiping date
Shipping cost: 1572.97 EUR


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