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Microscopes, cameras and accessories for electronic services and commission shops. They ensure ease of work even on the smallest elements in mobile devices. We also offer illuminators, adapters and protective lenses for the microscope head. We offer microscopes for the most demanding customers, characterized by extremely bright optics and a large zoom range, which gives the possibility of obtaining a magnification of up to 200x. The microscope will find its application in GSM service stations and commission shops, as well as in jewelry stores and in the work of geologists.

Microscope SZM7045T-STL1

Microscope SZM7045T-STL1
Price: 582,00 EUR w/o VAT


ID: 17077

Product weight: 31.00 kg

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Microscope SZM7045T-STL1 is designed for observations in independent strong LED light (option). It's a fantastic tool for geologists, juwelers, electronic engeneers. When using independent power supply it allows you to work in almost every conditions. This microscope also comes with fluently regulated 7-45 times magnifier (possiblity 3.5x-180x) brings the work up close to you for much easy working. It is very useful tool for people who is doing repairing business. Microscope from SZM series, replace older XTL VI model.

Head: trinocular (SZM7045T), inclination 45 degrees, 360 degrees rotation, pupil distance: 54-75mm, diopter adjustment on both sides: - / + 5
Eyepiece: EWF10x / 20mm (30mm fi)
Lens: 1x Achromats
Magnification: 7x-45x (option: 3.5x-180x)
Zoom Range: 0,7-4,5x
The zoom ratio: 1: 6.5
Working distance: 100 mm (option: 30-165mm (180mm))
Focusing system: ergonomic two-way coaxial screw macro
Base / Stand: STL1
Light source: No
Product weight: 31.00 kg.
Delivery time: 1-3 working days from shiping date
Shipping cost: 590.72 EUR


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