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Hancom MD-NEXT software

Hancom MD-NEXT software

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Product Type: Digital Service

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Hancom MD-NEXT software is data extraction software for mobile and digital devices including smartphones, feature phones, drones, smart TVs, wearables, IoT devices, USIM cards, SD cards, JTAG boards, and chip-off memory.
MD-NEXT supports physical and logical extraction methods for Android, iOS, Windows OS, Tizen OS, and other mobile OS.
SKU: S3011
Key features include:
  • Data extraction from 15,000+ Smartphones, Feature phones, IoT devices, Smart TVs, Drones, Chip-off memory and JTAG boards
  • Powerful extraction tool for Asian manufactured devices – Samsung, LG, & other Chinese brands.
  • Supports all physical extraction methods – Bootloader, Fastboot, MTK, QEDL, Custom image, ADB Pro, iOS Physical, DL, JTAG, Chip-off, SD Card, SIM, Removable Media.
  • Supports all logical extraction – Filesystem, Android backup, iOS Backup, Vendor backup protocol, Local backup, MTP.
  • Unlock of latest Samsung and Chinese phones – Oppo, Vivo, Huawei, Xiaomi.
  • iOS backup file decryption and keychain extraction.
  • Selective extraction of partition, file, category, and app.

Available as one-year subscription, renewable annually.  SMS included in year one.

Key Features:
1. Perfect data extraction tool for mobile phones
– Supports feature phones and smartphones
– Supports mobile device, mainboard with JTAG, Chip-off flash memory, USIM and SD card
– Used with forensic hardware, MD-BOX and MD-READER
– Supports all logical and physical extraction methods
2. Advanced extraction features
– Selects partitions after auto-scanning
– Selects directories, files and categories to be extracted
– Supports pause and resume of extraction
– Supports Google cloud extraction using mobile device accounts
– Supports physical extraction methods – Bootloader, Custom image, ADB Pro
– Supports logical extraction methods – ADB Backup, iOS Backup, MTP, Custom backup protocol
3. Assurance of evidence data integrity
– Supports write-protection to every evidence data
– Supports more than 10 different hash algorithms such as SHA256
4. Excellent extraction performance
– 1GB/min extraction performance
5. User-friendly and easy to use
– Intuitive user interface and simple extract procedure
– Help documents with pictures and photos
6. Data preview
– Supports preview of the extraction data signatures
– Preview of Hex and user data
7. Reports auto-generation
– Reports the extracted image file information
– Hash value, Time, Method, Filename, etc.
– Supports XLS, PDF file formats
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