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Tornado Pro Microscope v2.0

ID: 3658
Tornado Pro Microscope v2.0


Price: 229,00 EUR w/o VAT
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Product weight: 5.50 kg.
Delivery time: 2-5 working days
Shipping cost: 48.87 EUR
Tornado Pro Microscope v2.0 is a professional digital microscope designed specifically to work with small printed circuit boards, ie. cell phones, GPS and small electronics. Its advantage is the high quality image (Camera 1/3 "CCD Imax), an independent lighting, the ability to record the entire process with its record (that is, full documentation of the diagnostic process). Connects to PC via USB 2.0.

  • addedd support for BNC connection (also Svideo usign additional adapter)
  • Special for BB5 Unlocking (make TP on BB5 unlocking process).
  • Independently developed display software.
  • Supporting image capture, video record.
  • You can save easily the captured images and the whole operating process.
  • Connects to computer by usb 2.0.
  • You can see the picture clearly in the screen of your PC/Laptop.

    Product Description:
  • Camera Type: Color CCD Camera
  • Sensor: 1/3 " Imax CCD
  • Number of Pixel: 510(H) x 492(V) NTSC 500(H) x 582(V) PA
  • Resolution: 420 TV lines
  • Minimum Illumination: 0.2 Lux
  • S/N ratio: More than 48dB
  • Electronic shutter: 1/60(1/50) to 1/100,000 sec
  • Gamma Correction: 0.45
  • Sync system: Internal
  • BLC : On/Off Auto
  • AGC: Auto
  • Video out: 1Vpp Composite Output
  • Digital O/P: USB 2.0
  • Power source: 12V DC
  • Power consumption: 1.2W MAX
  • Dimension (mm): 58(W) X 48(H) X 75(L) mm
  • Lens Magnification of lens: 0.7x~4.5x
  • Lens Magnification of eyepiece: 0.5x
  • Numerical Aperture: NA0.029~0.073
  • Conjugate distance: 350 mm

    Photo of microscope:

    Look of video from unlock process:

    VIDEO1 - click here
    VIDEO2 - click here

    Package Contains:
  • Tornado TP Pro Camera v2.0
  • Lens
  • Stand
  • Power adaptor for camera(12V)
  • Lamp(220V)
  • USB connector to PC
  • warranty card


    We offer 6 months of warranty for this product
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