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Proffesional power supply Matrix

Proffesional power supply Matrix
Price: 249,00 EUR w/o VAT
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ID: 4917

Product weight: 10.70 kg

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Proffesional power supply Matrix it's power supply that gives 2x(0-30V 5A) + 1x(5V 3A). It's fully professional equipment that gives power to any gsm phones or other electric parts ! From now one you will not have any problem with any GSM phone power.

  • 2 outputs 0-30[V]V at 5[A] each with possibility to work as integrated or seperate
  • shows voltage by gfreen colour [V] and amper in red colour [A]
  • automatic power cuttign when shortign + and -
  • regulated protection paramters
  • three way of working (60V integrated, 2 x 30V etc)

  • maximal output voltage 30 [V]
  • maximal output power 5 [A]
  • connectable output voltage from 2 x 30[V] to 1 x 60[V]
  • precise regulation of paramters (changing by 0.1[V])
  • ultra reading of power AMP by 0,01[A]
  • Workign on 220V 50/60 Hz
  • Workign in temperature: +20-80 st C

    Photo of device:

    Package contains:
    - power supply Matrix
    - power cable
    - warranty card


    We offer 6 months warranty for this product
  • Product weight: 10.70 kg.
    Delivery time: 3-7 working days
    Shipping cost: 118.54 EUR


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