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LCD Repairing Tools

Replacing a display in a damaged phone or a touchscreen, replacing a broken glass in a mobile phone usually generates the highest cost. Replacing the LCD may consist in its repair. The process of unsticking quick from touch in a situation when the touch is fully functional, called refabrication, consists of several stages. This delamination of the panel, i.e. the separation of the touch layer from the display, is by far the most economical version for the customer. Comprehensive equipment of the stand related to the repair of broken displays, glass or touch screens can be found in this section. We have created repair kits for display repairs, and OCA / LOCA multifunction devices will ensure an efficient replacement process. Laminators, dust-free chambers, autoclaves are professional repair devices. We have basic components such as molybdenum wires for slitting glass display, mounting tapes, adhesives. But also the chemistry necessary to separate the glass from the body, and accessories that facilitate the entire process of disassembling the LCD from the phone.

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