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Microscopes, cameras and accessories for electronic services and commission shops. They ensure ease of work even on the smallest elements in mobile devices. We also offer illuminators, adapters and protective lenses for the microscope head. We offer microscopes for the most demanding customers, characterized by extremely bright optics and a large zoom range, which gives the possibility of obtaining a magnification of up to 200x. The microscope will find its application in GSM service stations and commission shops, as well as in jewelry stores and in the work of geologists.

Aoyue 638 - board inspection system

Aoyue 638 - board inspection system
Price: 349,00 EUR w/o VAT
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ID: 14715

Product weight: 8.00 kg

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Aoyue 638 - board inspection system is a device allowing the inspection of motherboards. With an integrated camera with a lens with variable magnification and a maximum of approximately 100x you can see exactly even the smallest connection between the pins of integrated circuits, as well as the state of soldering BGA chips. The handle is attached with 7 "TFT color monitor on which you can easily see the place of inspection, the platform features a curved LED lamp illuminates the place of the inspection arm.

- Colour CCD camera
- Variable-magnification lens, the maximum magnification: 100x.
- Color LCD Monitor
- Convenient platform to handle.
- Stable mount the camera and screen.
- Adjustable camera for different magnifications.
- Integrated source of light.
- Handle the basis of the maximum unfolded 22x30 cm

Set contains:
- A platform to handle
- monitor 7 "TFT-mount
- Camera with lens with variable magnification
- AC 220V
- Manual
- Warranty 12 months
Product weight: 8.00 kg.
Delivery time: 3-7 working days
Shipping cost: 52.15 EUR


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