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We offer professional FULL HD cameras that allow you to view and record the image using a connected computer via USB, as well as a connected monitor via the HDMI input. The camera we recommend is equipped not only with an HDMI connector and a USB2.0 port, but also an SD card reader. It allows you to preview the image in high resolution, it is characterized by a digital zoom up to 5x. The cameras will find their application in every GSM telephone service, as well as in geology, jewelery and watchmaking, where work is regularly performed on small parts of devices.

Qianli Super Cam X 3D Thermal Imager

Qianli Super Cam X 3D Thermal Imager
Price: 979,00 EUR w/o VAT


ID: 22680

Product weight: 4.50 kg

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Qianli Super Cam X 3D Thermal Imager is an infrared camera specifically designed to detect hot thermal spots on small circuit boards. The analyzed image is visible after connecting the camera to a computer via USB-C, and then installing dedicated software from the Qianli website. From the application level, you can perform many operations, incl. automatically adjusting the contrast, calculating temperature curves and exporting the material to JPG or MP4. The devices to be inspected can be placed on an antistatic heat resistant mat on the base. However, its camera can be detached and mounted on an ordinary tripod, which allows you to monitor devices without using a stand.
  • Temperature accuracy ± 5 ° C or ± 5%
  • Other features high temperature alert
  • Detector type Uncooled Vanadium Oxide (VOx) detector
  • Image output resolution 640 x 480 pixels
  • The output file type is MP4, JPG
  • Input voltage 5V
  • Power consumption 250 mW peak
  • Weight 435g





Model overview

Model Super Cam Super Cam X
Bracket size 181 x 180 x 170 mm 150 x 160 x 161 mm
Temperature measurement range 0℃ - 400℃ -20℃ - 120℃
Thermal resolution 160 x 120 px (19.2k) 260 x 200 px (52k)
Camera angle 61.8° x 49.5° 42° x 32°
Display mode visible light, infrared, dual mix infrared
Heat measurement distance 12.5 cm 2 mm up to ∞
Sample comparison
3D thermal field distribution
Regional temperature curve calculation
Connectivity RJ45 USB-C





  • One-button quick leak check, quickly locate the motherboard fault point.

  • High temperature alarm tracking real-time detection of temperature changes. If the temperature exceeds the set temperature, the image will flash red frame and an alarm will sound. You can use the feature to track the highest temperature point on the screen and mark the temperature.


  • 3D / 2D thermal field distribution function. In view of the product evaluation, the special heat distribution point analysis mode, the innovative 3D thermal field mode is more intuitive, and the 2D thermal field curve record is more detailed

  • Double plate comparison, regional temperature, record comparison curve. Optimization of heat distribution design, comparison and verification of fault differentiation, comparison and recording of regional temperature curves, comparison of overlays, etc.


  • Temperature width adjustment, weak leak short circuit positioning, which is not easy to detect. In case of weak leakage or interference sources, the leakage point can not be directly placed by the leakage quick check function, and the image contrast can be adjusted by pulling the temperature width point for precise positioning.


  • Multicolor display modes.




Set contains:
  • Base - CAM X
  • Base bracket
  • Allen key
  • USB-C cable






Product weight: 4.50 kg.
Delivery time: 3-7 working days
Shipping cost: 36.89 EUR


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