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Xytronic LF-1660ESD Soldering station 70W + TWZ120

Xytronic LF-1660ESD Soldering station 70W + TWZ120
Price: 179,00 EUR w/o VAT


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Product weight: 3.00 kg

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Xytronic LF-1660ESD Soldering station 70W + TWZ120 is a soldering station with a TWZ120 tweezers soldering iron, has electronic temperature control and a specialized intelligent microprocessor is adapted to professional soldering work with SMD components. Soldering and desoldering station, digital, with buttons. Ergonomic and lightweight soldering irons, close location of the heating element and tip ensure very fast heating and thermal compensation. Temperature regulation is convenient, fast and precise.
  • digital temperature calibration
  • ESD anti-electrostatic station
  • the station is equipped with an ergonomic and light soldering iron with good thermal insulation, connected to the station with a non-flammable, flexible wire in silicone insulation and a 7-pin connector
  • clear LED display enables convenient reading of the set or current temperature: simple interface for setting the temperature and parameterization of the station, consisting of three easy to read buttons and LED display.
  • electronic temperature control system enables precise and smooth regulation in the range of 100 ° C - 480 ° C with an accuracy of ± 3 ° C (regardless of the size and shape of the tip).
  • soldering irons use tips with an integrated heating element and a temperature sensor. The combination of these elements into one module ensures a short heating and cooling time of the tip and extremely effective heat transfer to the working area.
  • The "switch-on in zero" system and the structure ensuring earthing of external elements ensure protection of devices and components sensitive to interference pulses and leakage currents from the power supply network.
  • additional earthing socket on the rear wall of the station housing enables direct connection of the ESD strap
  • heating element and temperature sensor failure messages.
  • possibility to calibrate the temperature reading in the range of ± 99 ° C.
  • possibility of password protection for access to settings.
  • Manufacturer: XYTRONIC
  • Weight: 2.5
  • Version: ESD
  • Kind of display used: LED 3 digits + sign
  • Temperature control: digital
  • Temperature control: with push-buttons
  • Type of device: soldering/desoldering station
  • Dimensions: 90x105x126mm
  • Plug variant: EU
  • Kind of heating element: in the tip
  • Station power: 70W
  • Station supply voltage: 230V AC
  • Standard equipment: hot microtweezers XY-TWZ120
  • Standard equipment: soldering iron
  • Equipment: hot microtweezers XY-TWZ120
  • Equipment: soldering iron
  • Type of device: soldering station
  • Weight: 2500
Set contains:
  • Solder tip
  • Stand for a soldering iron with a 105C tip cleaner
  • Tweezers flask 32 V / 2x60 W
  • Tweezers holder for a stock
  • Standard bit 79A309017-1D
  • Tweezers flask
  • Cleaner compatible with RiHS x2
  • Power cable
Product weight: 3.00 kg.
Delivery time: 3-7 working days
Shipping cost: 37.13 EUR


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