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TOUCHBGA BGA GM5860L 5.45kW soldering station with LCD camera

TOUCHBGA BGA GM5860L 5.45kW soldering station with LCD camera
Price: 2549,00 EUR w/o VAT
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Product weight: 55.00 kg

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TOUCHBGA BGA GM5860L 5.45kW soldering station with LCD camera - with 3 types of heaters: IT, HOTAIR, KWARC and optical inspection system. The integrated BGA TOUCHBGA GM5860L system repair system is a professional and modern solution for the disassembly and assembly of BGA, uBGA, CBGA, CCGA, CSP, QFN, MLF, PGA systems for consumer electronics, medical, telecommunications, military and automotive services.
  • The device is designed to repair computer motherboards, graphics cards, notebooks, consoles, mobile phones, modules and car controllers made in lead and lead-free solder technology. Especially recommended for working with large PCBs.
  • High power and an efficient cooling system ensure effective operation and shorten the time of exposure to high temperature on the plate to a minimum.
  • The station allows you to program 55 heating profiles, keep track of them and change the already set parameters at any time (also during heating). In order to better ensure the final effect, each of the profiles can be programmed in 6 temperature blocks. After the heating process is finished, you can analyze the complete heating process on the display.
  • All parameters, ie: set temperature, heating time, rate of temperature increase over time, cooling time, working time of the vacuum gripper can be set independently using the MCGS LCD Human-Machine Interaction (HMI) HD touch control panel with a diagonal of 7 ". The display shows all parameters real-time operation of the station, including graphic visualization of the heating process status and the set and achieved temperatures on the charts.


Specification of GM580L:
  • large total heating power of 5450W,
  • large area provided for PCB 425x375mm,
  • large area of the lower IR heater 375x280mm,
  • 3 types of top heaters as standard: hotair, IR, quartz (CHX),
  • 3 heating zones up IR + HR + CHX / down HR / down IR,
  • the ability to turn off the left and right sections of the lower IR heater,
  • up / down adjustment of the lower hotair heater,
  • 7 "touch control panel with microprocessor control,
  • laser pointer for easy positioning of the BGA system,
  • reinforced handle of the upper heater in relation to the GM490 station,
  • transverse fan that automatically cools the PCB after the soldering process,
  • magnetic quick-change hotair nozzles,
  • two adjustable crossbars for PCBs,
  • external USB port for station controller programming,
  • ventilated interior and station components,
  • optical inspection system included.





  • The following temperatures are shown on the screen in numerical form and on the graph:
  • target temperature in a given step (target)
  • upper heater temperature HR
  • temperature of the lower HR heater
  • temperature of the lower IR heater
  • real temperature with BGA system.


  • The station software is equipped with a KEEP profile support button. After pressing it, the station maintains all temperatures reached by it at the moment until the KEEP button is pressed again.
  • The station also has an emergency STOP button that will stop the heating process at the user's request.
  • In order to ensure the best soldering effect, the station uses 3 independent zones / heating surfaces (upper, lower and PCB heater), the temperature of which can be controlled and controlled separately. The first (upper) and second (lower) are hot air blows (the upper hotair can be replaced with an IR or quartz heater that are included in the kit). The third lower zone is a quartz heating element (dark infrared). The first and second heating surfaces can be controlled through multiple groups and sections of temperature parameters. The top heating element, whether it is hotair, IR or quartz, can be adjusted in every plane. The bottom hotair is vertically adjustable, which is crucial, for example, with large console systems. The third surface (heater) heats the plate over a large area, reducing stress and lowering the temperature needed for proper soldering of the element.
    • In addition, the heating sections of the lower IR heater can be switched off in blocks with two switches, e.g. in the case of heating / heating a smaller PCB.
    • In order to determine the exact temperatures in the station, precise K-type thermocouples with an accuracy of +/- 3C operating in a closed loop were used.
    • Upon completion of each desoldering / soldering process, an alarm is generated.
    • In the event of excessively high uncontrolled temperatures or the possibility of overheating of components, the built-in overheating protection system will stop the entire process and turn off the electric circuit.
    • On the left side of the station there is a very efficient cross fan that automatically cools the PCBs after desoldering and soldering. This prevents deformation of the PCB and protects the BGA reballing effect.
    • The main PCB holder is equipped with a V-groove, which ensures quick and stable mounting of the plates and a large range of adjustment.
    • Magnetic nozzles have been designed in the upper and lower parts of the station to direct the hot air and protect the adjacent elements in the station. The nozzles are mounted very simply with one hand. They can be positioned and rotated at any angle.
    • In addition, the lower nozzle has special openings through which excess hot air is discharged.
    • The station is also equipped with an electronic vacuum gripper, also controlled from the level of the LCD touch screen. It also has an emergency switch.







Technical data:
  • Total power: 5450W
  • Top heating element power:
  • hotair: 1000W (standard equipment)
- Dark infrared IR: 450W (additional equipment - included)
- quartz heater: 300W (additional equipment - included)
  • The power of the lower hotair heating element: 1000W
  • Lower heater power: 2700W
  • Supply voltage: AC 220V / 230V 50 / 60Hz (power cord 3x2.5mm2)
  • Temperature sensor: K-type sensor (thermocouple) with an accuracy of +/- 3C
  • Positioning (PCB holder): V-groove
  • Minimum PCB size: 40x40mm
  • Max. PCB / PBA size: 425x375mm
  • Size of the IR bottom heater: 375x280mm
  • Station dimensions: 600 (W) x 600 (H) x 630mm (D)
  • Control: 7 "HD HMI color touch screen + PLC controller
  • Overcurrent protection: fuse with C32 characteristics.
  • Net weight: 40 kg

Technical data of the CCD camera:
  • Converter: CMOS
  • Number of pixels: 2 million
  • OSD menu: yes
  • Output: D-Sub
  • Resolution: 800x600 60Hz 45FPS, 1024x768 60Hz 15FPS, 1024x768 60Hz 30FPS, 1280z1024 60Hz 15FPS, 1280x1024 60Hz 20FPS, 1366x768 60Hz 20FPS, 1440x900 60Hz 20FPS, 1600x1200 60Hz 15FPS, 1920x1080 60Hz 15FPS
Specifications of CCTV 5-50mm F1.6 1/3 "IR Mega M lens:
  • High-quality glass lens designed for megapixel cameras with 1/3 "sensor
  • The focal length can be adjusted in the range of 5-50 mm
  • Focus adjustment The ability to adjust the aperture (F = 1.6) - bright lens
  • Viewing angle (horizontal) 62-12 °
  • Magnification adjustment
  • IR correction - better work during the day and in difficult lighting or infrared conditions
  • Dimensions: fi30x64mm
  • Fastening CS
Technical data of the LCD monitor:
  • Screen size: 17 "
  • Input: D-Sub
  • Native Resolution: 1280x1024
  • OSD menu: yes




The kit includes:
  • Built-in vacuum gripper + additional 3 silicone tips
  • Type K thermocouple
  • Polish and English user manual on CD.
  • Three types of top heating elements (hot air, IR dark infrared, quartz heater).
  • Four nozzles for the upper hot air heater (28x28, 31x31, 38x38, 41x41).
  • The main nozzle of the lower hot air heater (51x51mm).
  • Six handles for custom PCBs + 6 mounting screws.
  • Additional 2 holders to hold larger PCBs.
  • Screw for vertical locking of the upper heater.
  • 2 million pixels CMOS camera.
  • CHIKON CTG50018 lens.
  • LCD monitor 17 ".

Warranty period: 24 months

Product weight: 55.00 kg.
Delivery time: 1-3 working days from shiping date
Shipping cost: 646.66 EUR


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