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E3:DS Software

E3:DS Software

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Product Type: Digital Service

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E3:DS Software-  provides complete mobile forensics. Logical imaging, physical imaging, chip dumps, bypass options, cloud, and App processing together in E3:DS. Data processing and recovery are at the core of E3:DS

Supported Device Profiles
Paraben provides all the research in-house that goes into the support of the variety of device profiles in the E3 Forensic Platform. As with all smartphones support of the latest firmware is always added within weeks of the release and all firmware through iOS 16.x and Android 13.x are available in the E3 Forensic Platform. In addition, feature phones, GPS devices, tablets, and other mobile OS-based devices are also supported, but not listed in the Supported Profiles List.
Producers: Paraben
Interface language: English
Type: Software
Data type: Documents, Geolocation, Messengers, Mail, SMS/MMS/Call records/Contacts, Video, Photos
OS type: Android, iOS
Share: Acquisition, Analysis
Device type: Other, Smartphone, Tablet
E3:DS makes mobile processing Easy and Efficient
  • E3:DS, is top-notch for every data-recovery lab when looking for a comprehensive cell phone forensics tools. It can obtain physical and logical data in single interfaces. The tool can extract data for evidence from multiple mobile devices and their accessories supporting all smartphone firmwares.
  • E3:DS supports all the associated mobile data from SIM cards, media cards, call records, cloud keys, etc. Further, this mobile forensic software analyzes data acquired by processing App data, searching & indexing, OCR of data, image carving, and data recovery.



  • App Analysis
    90% of the time on a smartphone is spent in an App sharing data. This data could be what makes or breaks your case. Being able to look through the data and understand what it can offer to you comes with having a variety of options for that data to be reviewed.
  • Apple Device Forensics
    An iPhone is one of the most complex systems to extract data from. It has difficult blocks on file system access, mass migration to the cloud, etc. The key to examining an iPhone is to gather maximum data.
    However, E3:DS takes away all the worry of a cyber-forensic analyst. It is the best iPhone forensics software in the market. This software has helped law agencies to draw out the required data from every type of Apple device. The tool can automatically extract logical & physical data. E3:DS is designed to offer you the most data possible with an iOS device.
  • Android Forensics
    Android devices are the most popular device in the world and provide a wealth of digital evidence with their availability under contract or pay-as-you-go. Processing an Android device needs a lot of techniques to access multiple devices. E3:DS solves your Android processing issues by providing all the needed Android forensics software in one. The tool can extract both logically and physically, analyze, review and report digital data from multiple Android cellphones. It is the perfect software to ease the jobs of a mobile forensics analyst.  
  • Cloud Forensics on Smartphones
    As more of the world’s data moves to the cloud understanding the mobile device access to this data is paramount for doing your investigation. Data can be spread between device storage and cloud storage creating one more step in the process for smartphone forensics.
  • Unlock through Chip Dump
    One of the biggest barriers to smartphone forensics is the ability to bypass locks on the device. With increasing issues with firmware locks and protections, new methods need to be employed to be able to capture device data. The Chip Bypass method is the latest method with direct communication to the chip to bypass any protection on the device.
  • Reporting & Review
    There is nothing more important than showing off all the hard work that goes into the investigation. The reporting options in the E3 Forensic Platform are top of the class when it comes to being clear, concise, and kick ass. There are different report types depending on what type of data you have to share so take a look at the options.
    Data review is easy with the E3 Forensic Platform with E3:View you get all the analytic powers of E3 built into a read-only viewer. You even get all the reporting options. Work in scaled teams and with others easily with E3. The E3:View is sold separately or included with E3:Universal.


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