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GSM Devices repair

Multi-COM Ltd. it's proffesional and authorized service point for repair GSM devices (boxex) and secuirty keys. As a authorized resseler we got direct access to all parts neccesary to repair as also we can make such repair based on warranty or after warrranty. Our emplyers guarantee that you will get items repaired with fully working state - please check our offer below.

Below some of repairs that we make in our company:

  • repair lost connection Box/Key with PC (Device not recognized)
  • repair lost connection with security Card in Box or Proteciton card (Card not found)
  • repair lost communication beetwen phone and interface
  • repair problems with no VCC to phone
  • repair wrongly updated (interrupted) HWK, UFS or other interfaces
  • replace demaged USB, RJ45/48 sockets in interfaces
  • replace demaged IC in interfaces
  • repair connection cables
  • replace demaged TopCards, Egate cards

    We also give support in softwares/hardware problems like:
  • special training in usage of GSM devices
  • special training with BGA soldering
  • system diagnostic

    If you find our offer interesting contact with us over e-mail or by phone/Skype