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SDPROG Smart Driver Program

SDPROG Smart Driver Program
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SDPROG Smart Driver Program is an innovative software that connecting to the vehicle by ELM327 interface to on-board computer provides the most important information related to his work. The tool is very easy and intuitive to use. It is a solution for those who want to have full control over your car. The program is in Polish and English language and works seamlessly with the latest systems, 7, 8, 8.1 32 and 64 bits. The application can be used for commercial and non-commercial in case you got original CD. In addition, it is possible to update the firmware. Updates are free. The program supports all brands and models of cars by 2014 irrespective of the country in which they were produced. This is possible due to the fact that the OBDII system has been installed in vehicles, along with the emergence of the Euro standards, which makes the producers of car use of uniform diagnostic system.

To work is necessary diagnostic interface, which supports OBDII (ELM327 is the most common, occurring also under other names), who will communicate with the car via USB or Bluetooth.

The application supports all cars compatible with OBDII (not to be confused with OBD2 connector). Approximate date of introduction of the OBDII system in the world: the United States and Asia: in 1996, Europe and the rest: since 2000 cars with gasoline engines, since 2004, diesel cars.

- Read causes light to a Check Engine / MIL
- Obtain additional repair manual
- Erasing fault codes

The program reads all the codes associated with the OBDII:
P - Drive System
B - Body
C - chassis
U - network communication

Codes stored: these are the codes that have been confirmed. Indicate that the fault actually occurs and causes the MIL / Check Engine.
Pending Codes: These are codes that occur sporadically and have not been re-registered, do not light up the MIL / Check Engine.
Permanent codes: these are the codes that have been deleted, but motor controller confirmed that the fault is no longer present.
Generic errors: these are errors that are defined for each manufacturer as well.
Errors specific to the manufacturer: are errors, the definition of which is closely related to the car manufacturer, for each make an error number will have a different definition.

In addition, a rich base of technical guidance to help the user to efficiently find the fault and remove it:

- Possible causes of faults
- Causes of the error code
- Possible signs
- Working principle component

Provides useful information when buying a car, such as:

- Distance traveled after the activation of the MIL
- The time from when the fault codes
- The time from the activation of the MIL

In order to better understand the processes occurring in the engine, the application has the ability to monitor the work of the various sensors in the car:

- Engine temperature, intake air and the environment;
- Position of the accelerator pedal
- Electrical system voltage
- Turbocharger boost pressure
- Many other

Easy monitoring of selected parameters allows the option of watches, with the possibility of customization.

* List of supported parameters and the data is closely linked with connectable car.

SDPROG - step by step

USB - Quick Start Guide
1 Install the software.
2 Connect the interface to the computer and the car. Wait a few seconds for the system to install the new device.
3 Turn the ignition in your car.
4 Run the application SDPROG. The application will automatically search for your device and the car.

BLUETOOTH - Quick Start Guide
1 Install the software.
2 Connect the interface to the car.
3 Start the computer wizard to add a new bluetooth device and connect to the interface (popular name OBDII, CBT, Vgate, Icar) using pin 1234 or 0000.
4 Turn the ignition in your car.
5 Run the application SDPROG. The application will automatically search for your device and the car.

When you buy you get the original program SDPROG on CD, in addition to the data carrier are:
- Drivers for most USB interfaces
- Operating instructions
Product weight: 0.10 kg.
Delivery time: 14-28 working days from shiping date
Shipping cost: 9.67 EUR



Additional information about this product:


Products offerd on our pages are only interfaces - we don't offer any software for above units. If you need sofware for devices you must purchase them seperatly from prodcuers.

Information regarding hardware requiments:
For proper working with this device producer suggest PC computer with 32-bit Windows XP operating system. We don't guarantee that software/device will work or any other system - especially 64-bit systems, iMac, Linux.
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