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Main page > Data Analysis and Forensic Tools > NAND / SoC Adapters > NAND MR BGA/TSOP series adapters for PC3000, VNR, FE > NAND BGA153 SDIN (Sandisk eMMC) Adapter

NAND BGA153 SDIN (Sandisk eMMC) Adapter

NAND BGA153 SDIN (Sandisk eMMC) Adapter
Price: 199,00 EUR w/o VAT
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NAND BGA153 SDIN (Sandisk eMMC) Adapter is high quality special adapter for BGA199 chips using SD/eMMC or NAND protocol without soldering. The MR BGA153 SDIN adapter is compatible with devices such as Visual NAND Reconstructor VNR (Rusolut) and Flash Extractor (Soft Center).

- made from solid monolith block of TecaFORM-H made in Germany and brushed aluminum for durability.
- printed circuit made with the highest precision of 4mils and gold plated pads to minimize interference
- specially developed PCB tracks routing technology to prevent interference during NAND reading
- special high quality pogo contact pins used which are used for specialized laboratory tests

Compatible with below products for NAND reading:

- Flash Extractor (Soft Center)
- Visual NAND Reconstructor (VNR) - Rusolut

Foto of MR BGA153 SDIN adapter:

Supported models:

SDINADF4-⁠128G; ID: 45 48 9b a3 7e; 1x128GB
SDINBDA4-⁠128G; ID: 45 48 9a b3 7e; 1x128GB
SDINADB4-⁠64G; ID: 45 3e ab 92 7e; 1x64GB
SDIN9DW4-⁠64G; ID: 45 3c 96 93 7e; 2x32GB
SDIN9DW4-32G; ID: 45 3a 95 93 7a; 2x16GB
SDINADF4-⁠32G; ID: 45 3c 99 a3 7a; 1x32GB
SDINADS2-⁠32G; ID: 45 3c aa 92 7e; 1x32GB
SDIN9DS2-⁠16G; ID: 45 4c a9 92 7a; 1x16GB

Set contains:
- Adapter MR BGA153 SDIN
- Manual
- Warranty Card



On the adapter we give 12 months of warranty.

Product weight: 0.60 kg.
Delivery time: 10-15 working days from shiping date
Shipping cost: 14.60 EUR


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