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Activation Vodastar Clip v4.3

Price: 39,00 EUR w/o VAT


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Activation Vodastar Clip v4.3 it's paid activaiton for Vodastar Clip users that allows to add new models to support by your Clip as U526, U1211, V830, My230x, V226, V226FM, V225, V225FM, V125, V125FM, My220x, My150x, V227, V228, E220. Activaiton are maked over e-mail by giving SN of your Clip.

NOTE: This service are maked over e-mail - no shiping cost apply. Once money recived you will be asked for SN of yoru VodaStar to add serial to server so you can update to leatest version

Supported models after update Clip
- U526
- U1211
- V830
- My230x
- V226
- V226FM
- V225
- V225FM
- V125
- V125FM
- My220x
- My150x
- V227
- V228
- E220

Complete contains:
- activation for VodaStar Clip by SN number
- invoice
Product weight: 0.00 kg.
Delivery time: to 24h hours (e-mail)
Shipping cost: 0,00 EUR


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