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Activation DC Unlocker for Rocker Dongle

Price: 69,00 EUR w/o VAT
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ID: 7935

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Activation DC Unlocker for Rocker Dongle allows to activate DC Unlocker features or any ROcker USB key. By buying this activaiton you got chance to service all phone modems without any problems. To each full activaiton we add 50 credits free
NOTE: It's necessary to give us correct SN of your Rocker key in commets of order


  • Dell 5510 Express Card
  • Huawei E620
  • Huawei E220
  • Huawei E618
  • Huawei E620 (not E630+)
  • Merlin U520
  • Merlin U630
  • Merlin U740
  • Merlin XU870 Express Card
  • Merlin Expedite EU740
  • Merlin Expedite EU870D
  • Globetrotter EDGE
  • Globetrotter 3G Fusion
  • Globetrotter 3G Fusion Quad Line
  • Globetrotter 3G Fusion+ EMEA
  • Globetrotter GT MAX 3.6
  • Globetrotter GT MAX 7.2
  • Globetrotter Express 7.2
  • Globetrotter Globesurfer ICON
  • Globetrotter 3G+ HDSPA
  • Globetrotter Globesurfer ICON 7.2
  • Globetrotter EGDE COMBO
  • Sierra AirCard AC850
  • Sierra AirCard AC860
  • Sierra AirCard MC8755/8755V
  • Sierra AirCard AC875enable)
  • Sierra AirCard MC8775/8775V
  • Sierra AirCard AC875U

    Full list of supported models:

    Software screenshot:

    Features to be added soon:

  • unlock for Merlin U630, Huawei 620
  • read wrong code counter
  • reset wrong code counter
  • write flash (repair) for most models
  • unlock / flash features for Huawei E220, Merlin U740

    Package contains

    - activaiton DC Unlocker for Rocker DOngle
    - 50 credits (only in Full version, if you choose LITE comes without credits)
    - invoice
  • Product weight: 0.00 kg.
    Delivery time: to 24h hours (e-mail)
    Shipping cost: 0,00 EUR


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