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JTAG programmers, adapters and devices for communication with mobile phones. UFS / eMMC device programmer designed to read / write and repair data using both the ISP and Direct method. Communication takes place in various JTAG, SD or MPHY protocols. VR-TABLE enables communication, reading and writing of memory via EMMS, JTAG or communication in FBUS mode.

UFi Box - Worldwide version

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UFi Box - Worldwide version
Price: 309,00 EUR w/o VAT


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Product weight: 0.80 kg

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UFi Box - Worldwide version is the most advanced box for eMMC / eMMCP in Direct / ISP mode. Thanks to the very simple interface, you can repair eMMC devices much simpler that before (resize partition, format, smart test, read and write) and also repair your phones with ADB (HSQUSB 9008) and SPI software (NOR readings).

- USB 2.0 High-Speed(480 Mbps)
- Modern design, with built-in LDO Voltage Out and external power source
- Secured with Java smart card and online system
- Multiprotocol ready, with 20 (13 usable) multi-purpose IO pins and 1 Full-Speed USB-HOST
- Integrated software managed over-current protection
- 1/4/8 bits communication

Functions of UFI eMMC software:
- Repair EMMC
- Resize EMMC
- Format EMMC
- Write full data, erase fully
- Read boot1
- Read boot2
- Read EXT CSD
- Read User Data
- Update firmware
- Via test point

Functions of UFI ADB software:
– Debrick Android Intel devices(ASUS, Lenovo, etc)
– Debrick Android Qualcomm HSUSB QDloader 9008(Xiaomi, Oppo, etc) devices
– Debrick Android MediaTek(Meizu, Oppo, etc) devices
– Repair Imei for Android Intel, Qualcomm, MediaTek (and another platform in future update)
– Normal flashing via Fastboot, Intel, Qualcomm Sahara or Firehose protocol, and MediaTek
– Brand and Model based firmware definition
– Support for Official ASUS .raw and .zip files
– Backup and Restore Android user data, apk files for before and after flashing
– Factory reset(erase cache and data ) for Android devices
– “Factory erase before flash” to clean-up user data
– “Erase all partitions(blankphone)”, this will erase all userdata partition including factory and config, imei and calibration data will be permanently deleted.
- Dump all the eMMC partitions: extcsd, boot1, boot2, gp part and userarea partition
– Read and write single partition for example factory, config, modemst1, modemst2, etc
– Screencap to capture the device screen, might be useful for documentation or repair phone with faulty lcd
– Clear or Disable PERM_WRITE_PROTECT bit in the csd field, to fix or avoid “cannot be wipe” problem

Application screenshot:

Package Contents:
UFi Box USB2.0 High-Speed + Smartcard
UFI-Lite USB3.0 SuperSpeed uSD/eMMC Reader
2 In 1 eMMC/eMCP socket (169-FBGA,153-FBGA,162-FBGA,186-FBGA)
eMMC/eMCP socket (221-FBGA)
UFI ISP Adapter V2
USB Data Cable
USB to DC 5V External Power cable

UFi Box, UFI-Lite and the eMMC Socket were covered by 6-months limited warranty.
Product weight: 0.80 kg.
Delivery time: 14-28 working days from shiping date
Shipping cost: 16.16 EUR


Additional information about this product:

Information concerning technical requiments :
The correct use of the purchased goods is required to have a stable internet connection with min . capacity of 1024 kb / s ( download) and 512 kb / s ( upload) . Before you attempt to make software update on the device or want to activate/use service, make sure that you have a sufficient link parameters .

Information concerning the interoperability of digital content:
For using a software or a piece of software that the manufacturer supplies with purchased hardware, in some cases it’s required that you disable your Firewall ( in software or router) and antivirus software. Leaving it enabled can occurs inproper operation of software / services and you will get communications errors like “Error 10060”.

Information concerning hardware requiments:
For proper working with this device producer suggest PC computer with 32-bit Windows XP operating system. We don't guarantee that software/device will work or any other system - especially 64-bit systems, iMac, Linux.

Information concerning IMEI change:
We want to inform that IMEI change option in softwares are intended to use only to repair broken IMEI and retrieve it to original state. It's prohibitted to use this function to change IMEI to diffrent that original. Multi-COM don't answer to any questions related with operation on IMEI number - if you require help in this metter please contact with software/device producer directly. We don't take any responsibility to use this function.
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Trčs bien reçu livraison rapide je recommande le vendeur
Jeden z najlepszych boxow na rynku do napraw eMMc, prostota i latwosc obslugi zdecydowanie polecana poczatkujacym uzytkownikom.
This tool is very powerful. Installation and registering is fast and flawless.