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M360 Mobile Diagnostics & Utility - License

M360 Mobile Diagnostics & Utility - License
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M360 Mobile Diagnostics & Utility - License It is digital product. Instructions provided by email. M360 is your all-in-one tool for phone testing that supports both Android and iOS devices.
  • Full support for thousands of Android (v.4.4+) and iOS (v.10.0+) models
  • Get Info instantly as soon as you connect the phone / tablet (IMEI, serial number, Google Account, Samsung Knox Warranty, Find my iPhone status, battery health, storage report, etc.)
  • Fully test devices before you buy, sell or service. 26+ tests included: screen, speakers, microphones, hardware buttons, cameras, biometric sensors, accelerometer, gyroscope, proximity sensor, light sensor, magnetic sensor, Bluetooth, Wifi, GPS, call function, and the battery
  • Quick device wipe / thorough secure wipe
  • Device grading, register accessories, and save customer data
  • Professional test results and detailed work history in the cloud
  • Built-in driver installer
  • Single & multi-device layouts


This screenshot shows you an M360 phone card, this is what pops up when you connect a device. It shows you the PC port where the device is connected, the device's operating system (Android or Apple), it's friendly or marketing name, and a unique, M360 identifier.
The tiles with the icons on the right represent the main features:
  • Get Info: The first screen you see when you connect any phone or tablet. It reads all available key information from the device, such as IMEI, serial number, Google Account, Samsung Knox Warranty, Find my iPhone status, battery health, storage report, and many more - instantly.
  • Diagnostics: Here you can run several tests to diagnose many aspects of the device. Each test starts with a detailed description and how-to instructions. You can choose from your saved test templates or just select tests one by one before you start.
  • Grading: In our grading screen, you can record the device's cosmetic appearance. Rate the screen, the LCD panel, the case, and the back cover's condition with the traditional A-B-C-D-F system or with our convenient visual method. This is where you can attach customer details to a device as well.
  • Results: You can check here the results of the last diagnostics and any saved grading data in the current session. Print and save is also available from here.
  • Wipe: Start quick, reset to factory settings or initiate thorough secure wipe from this menu.

  • Will M360 work on my computer?
If you own a regular PC running Microsoft Windows 8 or newer then yes, most likely. You will need at least 1 working USB port and a cable to connect devices and maybe some additional Windows drivers but our built-in driver manager will take care of that.
  • When do I need more licences?
In short, if you want to use M360 on multiple computers, simultaneously. This could occur if you have more than one shops with different locations or if you run a big service/repair centre where you are running M360 on a few computers at the same time.
  • Can I use M360 on all my computers?
Yes, but not simultaneously. We have a fair computer switch policy that allows you to register 3 different computers, in every 3 months. There is also 48 hours waiting between switching computers.
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