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We will effectively recover lost data from a phone, smartphone, tablet working, flooded, not turning on, with physical damage. Factory reset phones with Andorid and IOS systems. We recover lost, deleted, deleted files, photos, videos, business documents from SIM cards, nanoSIM, microSIM, from SD and microSD memory cards, from eMMC memory via NAND protocol or from USB flash drives.

Data Recovery from mobile phone or tablet

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Data Recovery from mobile phone or tablet
Price: 199,00 EUR w/o VAT
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Data Recovery from mobile phone or tablet is a service offered to people and companies who randomly lost all data they collected inside a phone, tablet and want to recover them all. No meter for us if data was lost as a result of mechanical damage (telephone flooded, broken or crushed, ie. after the fall) or logically demaged (accidentally erased data, system crash, locked by carrier).



  •  Over 20 years of experience in the GSM industry, enormous knowledge in the field of telephone diagnostics and, finally, professional equipment, puts us at the forefront of companies that with SUCCESS recover lost data from mobile devices. We usually receive telephones on which others "spread" their hands - from the oldest models to the newest. We specialize in phones, tablets and flash memories (microSD, SD, CF, USB)
  • As one of the few companies on the market, we analyze the data readings made with 3 world-class independent fully licensed investigative tools, ie UFED Cellebrite PA, MSAB XRY / XAMN, Oxygen Detecive Forensic. Thanks to this, you can be sure that no data has been omitted in your report!


In the case of damaged devices, it is only at this stage that we are able to precisely determine the possibilities and recover data from it. Service diagnosis of damaged devices that come to us in order to perform FFS / RAW readings / Data recovery are payable. This is due to the fact that most new devices based on FDE / FBE encryption require prior partial or complete repair, comprehensive repair of individual modules, bringing the device to a state that enables communication. Often these are complex service works involving rebbalancing of circuits, replacement of components whose complex structures require precise micro-soldering, including BGA soldering. We often deal with several defects where only after removing one, another becomes visible. Removing them determines the success of the entire data recovery process from the device. In order to be able to clearly, unquestionably and precisely assess the possibility of performing a recovery service, we must perform a complete diagnosis of the device. The diagnosis is free of charge if, after its completion, the equipment remains with us in order to provide a full service.

In the event of resignation from the data recovery or reading service, we charge a fee for the diagnosis of the fault in the amount of 40 EUR excluding VAT.

Please fill form attached and deliver it together with item which you will send to us : Data Recovery Form

The main advantage is the fact that we are making recovery directly in our company - your device never leaves our company and the entire data recovery is performed in our laboratory. With nearly 20 years of experience in the field of GSM and electronics, we can immodestly say that we know everything about mobiles phones and tablets. We provide services for the Police and other LE as well as for individual clients. For an extra charge the entire process can be monitored by the customer in a dedicated room (with matters of 'sensitive' own card the access to the room from 8 to 16, the possibility of sealing the room at the time of reading and/or monitoring).

We are able to recover data from approximately 95% of existing devices on the market - on the list of supported devices can find devices based on operating systems and file systems as:

  • OS: Android, Windows Phone, iOS, Symbian, BlackBerry and other systems branded manufacturers
  • File Systems: FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, ext2/ext3/ext4, YAFSS2, f2fs, JAFFS, TFAT, KFAT

What kind of data we are able to recover?
In contrast to the 90% of companies and services that provide data recovery services and only recover Contacts, Messaging and Multimedia (presenting them in Excel or as image files), our company provides a fully functional multilanguage software interface (UFED Reader) with the file analysis from which the customer can extract all informaiton he need ie. export a selected calls, contacts, photos, account passwords. All these operations can be performed in a very simple manner on the basis of a few clicks.

Our offer of information that we recover is also thus much wider - we will recover:

  • Text messages - including sent, received, unsent, working and deleted
  • Multimedia messages - including sent, received, unsent, working and deleted
  • Instant Messages sent, received, unsent, working, call history (including chat rooms removed intentionally or unintentionally)
  • Contact: also entered in group messaging
  • Calls: incoming, outgoing, missed calls (call logs of incoming and outgoing calls including deleted)
  • Notes/Alarms/Tasks
  • Calendar
  • E-mails/documents/Databases
  • Keywords that are in the phone (eg. To a WiFi network)
  • User Accounts that were entered in the device at various portals
  • List of the WiFi network to which also log data device
  • User dictionaries
  • A list of users of the device (the account) if the device allows you to create profiles
  • Event information supply (when the device was deliberately turned off for a specified period of time and when switched on again)
  • A list of installed applications and deleted applications
  • History Websites: history of websites viewed, cookies, etc.
  • Photos seen and removed (including detailed information on the camera, shutter, exposure and Geotagging, etc.)
  • Video: made phone or loaded into memory
  • Audio recordings: in this video recorder, voice recorder
  • Locations GPS: latitude and longitude, date, time, information about the visited points
  • Other: Number own camera, Camera serial number, IMEI number, date and software version, and product version, camera type and model, the phone lock code, along with the history of code changes, the list used the SIM card in a mobile phone, information from operator with which the network is logged and all data contained on the memory cards are in your mobile phone







List sample data recovered from the phone (red data removed):

Despite the best efforts during the analysis process we do not guarantee the possibility of recovering all of the above data - in some cases, some of them may be damaged, overwritten and their interpretation may not be possible.

What tools we use?
For DR we use the latest methods of extraction using the original/licensed software and hardware - Cellebrite UFED PA/4PC Ultimate, UFED Premium, MSAb XRY/XAMN, Oxygen Forensic Detective, Pc3000 Mobile, MobilEdit Forensic Express as also  Visual Rusolut NAND Reconstructor (VNR), VR-Table, specialized software for databases, mySQL, service boxes, and of course their own Python scripts. If you need to find the appropriate pinouts we use as well logic analyzers, oscilloscopes or the X-ray (X-Ray)

How order is processed:
After placing an order you will need to deliver unit to us - you can come to us personally or delivery it by courier. After recovery process will be done you will recive PenDrive with raport/analysys and all data recovered.

Q: My phone works but I erased all the data. You will recover data and after this my phone will be fully functional ?
A: Yes - reading is made without soldering on the phone and without damaging it - we are using leatest technology for readign memory called eMMC ISP and VR-Table . In 99% of the cases phone after reading and recovery is fully operational. The exception here are readings by Chip-Off (desoldering memory chip) - here the risk is higher. Chip-Off method is used, however, as a last resort after prior contact with the client and uzgodnioneniu details of further proceedings.

Q: How long does the recovery takes?
A: We try to make the recovery time as short as possible - standard at no additional charge is to 14 days aside from the time the need for transport, Express is 7 working days (+ 50 EUR w/o VAT / payable in advance), Super Express is form 1 to 3 days from the receipt of the phone (+125 EUR w/o VAT/payable in advance)

Q: Is that the final cost? ?
A: Yes, if your phone is got eMMC / EMCP memory type so it's in 99% of phones on the market. The exception here are 3 phones based on UFS memory type that are mechanically damaged (Samsung S6, S6 Edge, Note 5) - in these 3 cases, reading and data recovery requires +100% fee due to the use of additional special equipment is required to read this type of memory .

Q: After service VAT invoice is issued?
A: Yes.


Product weight: 0.20 kg.
Delivery time: 14-28 working days from shiping date
Shipping cost: 9.59 EUR


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