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JTAG programmers, adapters and devices for communication with mobile phones. UFS / eMMC device programmer designed to read / write and repair data using both the ISP and Direct method. Communication takes place in various JTAG, SD or MPHY protocols. VR-TABLE enables communication, reading and writing of memory via EMMS, JTAG or communication in FBUS mode.

MiPi Tester Gear 2 (Standard Version)

MiPi Tester Gear 2 (Standard Version)
Price: 649,00 EUR w/o VAT


ID: 22989

Product weight: 1.00 kg

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MiPi Tester Gear 2 (Standard Version) is the latest version of a set of adapters allowing for direct eMMC memory connection and read and/or write it contest. Adapter/Socket is fully compatible with many eMMC devices, such as Riff Box, Riff Box 2, Medusa Pro Box, Z3X Easy Jtag Box, Easy Z3x Plus, GPG EMMC Box, UFi Box, etc.


- Read / Write eMMC and UFS memory chips
- Supports ISP (In-System Programming)



Note: depending on the batch, the testers may have different colors (there are both red and black versions)

Set contain:

- MiPi Tester Box GEAR2 - 1 pc.
- NB-UFS-4IN1 (UFS 153, uMCP 254, uMCP 297) - 1 pc.
- NB-EMMC-9IN1 - 1 pc.
- NB-eMMC-4IN1 (BGA100, BGA136, BGA168, BGA529) - 1 pc.
- NB-EMMC-UFS-ISP-NB1 - 1 pc.

Producer offer 6 months of warranty for this product

Product weight: 1.00 kg.
Delivery time: 14-28 working days from shiping date
Shipping cost: 16.16 EUR



Additional information about this product:

Information concerning technical requiments :
The correct use of the purchased goods is required to have a stable internet connection with min . capacity of 1024 kb / s ( download) and 512 kb / s ( upload) . Before you attempt to make software update on the device or want to activate/use service, make sure that you have a sufficient link parameters .

Information concerning the interoperability of digital content:
For using a software or a piece of software that the manufacturer supplies with purchased hardware, in some cases it’s required that you disable your Firewall ( in software or router) and antivirus software. Leaving it enabled can occurs inproper operation of software / services and you will get communications errors like “Error 10060”.

Information concerning hardware requiments:
For proper working with this device producer suggest PC computer with 32-bit Windows XP operating system. We don't guarantee that software/device will work or any other system - especially 64-bit systems, iMac, Linux.

Information concerning IMEI change:
We want to inform that IMEI change option in softwares are intended to use only to repair broken IMEI and retrieve it to original state. It's prohibitted to use this function to change IMEI to diffrent that original. Multi-COM don't answer to any questions related with operation on IMEI number - if you require help in this metter please contact with software/device producer directly. We don't take any responsibility to use this function.
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