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Main page > Repair Equipment > Soldering Equipment > BGA Rework system with LCD / Split Vision > BGA soldering station SEAMARK ZM-R7220A 2x HOTAIR + IR 5300W SPLIT VISION

BGA soldering station SEAMARK ZM-R7220A 2x HOTAIR + IR 5300W SPLIT VISION

BGA soldering station SEAMARK ZM-R7220A  2x HOTAIR + IR 5300W SPLIT VISION
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Product weight: 85.00 kg

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BGA soldering station 2x HOTAIR + IR SEAMARK ZM-R7220A 5300W SPLIT VISION
  • The integrated system for repair and replacement of SEAMARK ZM-R7220A systems is a professional and modern solution for disassembly and assembly of BGA, uBGA, CBGA, CCGA, CSP, QFN, MLF, PGA, SMD systems for consumer electronics, medical, telecommunications, military and automotive services.
  • The device is designed to repair motherboards of personal and industrial computers, graphics cards, notebooks, consoles, mobile phones, car modules and controllers made using leaded and lead-free solder technology.
  • Particularly recommended for working with large PCBs.
  • High power and an efficient cooling system ensure effective operation and shorten the time of exposure to high temperature on the plate to a minimum.
  • The precise Full HD optical system and chip collecting tips allow you to replace systems with dimensions of 1.5-80mm and weighing up to 120g.

The distinguishing features of the ZM-R7220A model are:
  • BGA Split Vision HD optical positioning system,
  • control of the upper HOTAIR heater both with a joystick and from the software level,
  • three automatic operating modes: Solder - automatic mode of soldering the system, Remove - automatic mode of desoldering the system, Mount - fully automatic mode of desoldering and positioning the systems relative to the PCB and soldering the system
  • automatic lifting and lowering of systems before and after the soldering process,
  • large total heating power 5100W,
  • large area for PCB boards 415x370mm,
  • large surface of the lower quartz heater 375x285mm,
  • 3 microprocessor-controlled heating zones 2xHOTAIR+IR,
  • LCD touch panel with microprocessor control, visualization and memory of 20,000 soldering profiles,
  • thermal cover of the Split Vision system,
  • precise laser pointer with position adjustment,
  • external USB port for software updates,
  • 15" LCD monitor working with a camera in 1080p resolution.
The ZM-R7220A soldering station has a 7" LCD touch display, a large area of the lower quartz heater 375x285mm, for smaller laminates it is possible to turn off individual sections of the lower heater, 20,000 programmable profiles, vertical adjustment of the lower hotair heater (under the PCB).
The station allows you to control and track all parameters on an ongoing basis on the LCD touch screen.
The LCD display shows all station operating parameters in real time, including graphic visualization of the heating process status and the set and achieved temperature on a graph for each of the 3 heating zones.
The following temperatures are presented both numerically and on a graph on the screen:
  • target temperature in a given step (target)
  • HR upper heater temperature
  • HR bottom heater temperature
  • temperature of the lower IR quartz heater
  • real temperature in the system from the external sensor.
After the soldering process is finished, the display allows you to analyze the full course of the heating process in each of the three heating zones.
In order to ensure the best soldering effect, the station uses 3 independent heating zones/surfaces (upper, lower and PCB heater), the temperature of which can be monitored and controlled separately.
The first (upper) and second (lower) zones are hot HR airflow. The third (bottom) is the quartz IR heating element. This zone heats the board over its entire surface, reducing stress and lowering the temperature needed to properly solder the element.
The soldering process is programmed via the touch screen, creating an appropriate soldering profile for a given system and PCB.
Each of the 3 heating zones can be controlled separately through 8 groups/steps of parameters.
Each group/step consists of 3 parameters:
  • temperature increase per second
  • final temperature values
  • time to maintain a given temperature.
Thanks to precise control of the temperature increase and value at each stage of the process, the highest standards and IPC norms are maintained, precisely defining the individual phases of soldering BGA systems, i.e. PREBAKE, PREHEAT, SOAK, REFLOW, COOLING.
To determine the exact temperatures in each section, precision K-type thermocouples with an accuracy of +/- 3C operating in a closed loop were used.
An alarm is generated after each desoldering/soldering process is completed. In the event of high, uncontrolled temperatures or damage to one of the fans, the programmed protection system can trigger an alarm and disconnect the heating zones.
On the left side of the station there is a very efficient transverse fan that automatically cools PCB boards after desoldering and soldering. This prevents deformation of the PCB and ensures the reballing effect.
The station is equipped with 5 plate support points on each side. Main PCB holder zowas equipped with a V-groove, which ensures quick and stable installation of the boards and a large adjustment range.
In the case of irregularly shaped boards, the station is equipped with 6 PCB holders which, in addition to the V-shaped groove, also have pins that are ideal for placing in the board mounting holes.
In order to eliminate deflection of the board during the soldering process, the holder additionally has two rows of brackets and the possibility of supporting it directly under the soldered system.
Magnetic nozzles are designed to direct hot air and protect adjacent components in the station's upper and lower sections. The nozzles are very easy to install with one hand. They can be set and rotated at any angle. All hotair nozzles (up/down) have special side holes that remove excess hot air.
The station is equipped with the Split Vision HD system enabling precise positioning of systems in relation to PCB pads using:
  • prism system with LED backlight,
  • three nanometer screws ensuring rotation of systems and PCBs in any necessary plane,
  • HD camera with magnification and LCD monitor.
  • Additionally, the station enables automatic lifting and lowering of systems.




The station is also equipped with:
  • a laser pointer designed to center the systems in relation to the upper and lower hot air zones and the quartz heater,
  • LED lighting,
  • emergency switch,
  • socket for an external K-type temperature sensor,
  • ability to adjust the LED backlight of the Split Vision system independently for systems and PCBs,
  • external USB port for software updates.
  • The station is certified and CE marked.
  • The set also includes a 15" LCD monitor.




Technical data:
  • Total power: 5300W
  • Power of the hotair top heating element: 1200W
  • Power of the hotair bottom heating element: 1200W
  • Total power of the lower quartz heater: 2700W (4x600W+2x150W)
  • Supply voltage: AC 230V/230V 50/60Hz (power cable 3x2.5mm2)
  • Temperature sensor: K-type sensor (thermocouple) with an accuracy of +/- 3C
  • Positioning (PCB holder): V-type groove
  • Min. size of PCB boards: 10x10mm
  • Max. PCB board size: 415x370mm
  • IR Quartz Bottom Heater Size: 375x285mm
  • Maximum weight of the positioning system: 120g
  • Size of supported BGA chips: 1.5-80mm (collecting chips in the range of 1.5-5mm using the optional suction tip)
  • Positioning accuracy: 0.01-0.02mm
  • Thickness of supported PCB laminates: 0.5-4mm
  • Dimensions of the station with LCD: 680 (h) x 640 (d) x 690 mm (w)
  • Control: 7" HD HMI color touch screen + PLC controller
  • Overcurrent protection: fuse with C32 characteristic
  • Net weight: 79kg
  • Written warranty: 24 months Door-To-Door (also for heating elements)



The set includes:
  • Seamark ZM-R7220A soldering station with a power of 5300W.
  • Hotair upper heater nozzles (41x41mm, 38x38mm, 28x28mm, 18x18mm).
  • Hotair bottom heater main nozzle (50x50mm).
  • Type K thermocouple
  • Six holders for custom PCB boards + mounting screws.
  • Additional 2 transverse holders to support larger PCBs.
  • 15" LCD monitor
  • Polish user manual (also English on request).
Product weight: 85.00 kg.
Delivery time: 1-3 working days from shiping date
Shipping cost: 1071.63 EUR


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