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Read PIN/Password/Pattern Lock from Android 2.x.x-5.x.x (JTAG/eMMC)

Read PIN/Password/Pattern Lock from Android 2.x.x-5.x.x (JTAG/eMMC)
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Read PIN/Password/Pattern Lock from device based on the Android 2.x.x-5.x.x is a service of reading PIN/Password/Pattern Lock code from Android based phones. The service is non-invasive, it means that the phone does not need to have enabled USB debugging or programmer mode - does not make any changes to the phone (not solder anything in phone), We do not interfere in the data and not upload anything to phone (Recovery etc.) - for readign process using unique VR-Table diagnostic table that allows to make JTAG/eMMC operations without soldering.

Supported operating systems:
Android 2.x
Android 3.x
Android 4.x
Android 5.x

Advantages and disadvantages of (+/-) when reading through the JTAG / ISP eMMC / Chip-Off
+ Possible to read the password (alphanumeric and special characters), and not just the numbers (PIN)
+ Without limitation to code/password lenght
+ Without root (no need to load Custom Recovery exposing device to damage)
+ Without turning on USB debugging
+ Without unlocking the bootloader
+ Without apply KNOX flag
+ Without removing / reset and code (the code remains unchanged - we only read it)
+ without interfering with the system, software!!!!!
- Phone must be opened for using this tehnique

Deadlines and method of the service:

After placing an order please fill Application form which you will attach to shiped device and determine how to deliver the device. There are two possibilities:

  • delivery it personally
  • send it on your own by courier/post

    The standard term of service is from 3 to 7 working days from receipt of the unit to our company and acceptance of order. Express is agreed individually depending on the type of attack and takes from 24 hours to 3 days (extra charge + 50%).

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

    Q: How you read data from phone ?
    A: Reading data from a telephone is performed through a JTAG or eMMC which requires in most cases dismantling the apparatus. However, unlike other companies engaged in this type of service we are not soldering to device anything but use a specially dedicated diagnostic table VR-Table. After read the memory of the phone in HEX format RAW we analyze using scripts to find the code/password.

    Q: Is my phone fully working after this service?
    A: Yes - reading is performed without data loss and in 99% of cases after reading the phone is fully operational. The exception here are readings by Chip-Off so by desoldering memory chip, performing read and re-placement BGA chip in phone back - here the risk is higher. Chip-Off method is used as a last resort mainly for recover data from totally demaged phones (crushed etc)

    Q: I have a phone which Pattern Code / PIN or password, but I do not know what is the length - what I schould do ?
    A: In the case of this service, it does not matter - we can read even the most complicated password / PIN..

    Q: To whom is this service ?
    A: Read code using Bruteforce is dedicated especially for experts, investigators (laboratories, Police), detectives, who can not make any interference in the data stored on the device - ie. Not violate their integrity or they can not be done due to breach of warranty (upload Recovery ends with apply KNOX flag). It is also dedicated to those who have established themselves unintentionally code and do not remember it, and on the phone were important images / data - in this case the most important is non-invasive access to the files.
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