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Main page > Repair Equipment > Soldering Equipment > Hot-air soldering station > HOT AIR soldering station for hot air/welding machine AIXUN H312 1400W with nozzles

HOT AIR soldering station for hot air/welding machine AIXUN H312 1400W with nozzles

HOT AIR soldering station for hot air/welding machine AIXUN H312 1400W with nozzles
Price: 239,00 EUR w/o VAT


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Product weight: 4.00 kg

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AIXUN H312 1400W intelligent HOT AIR soldering station with nozzles - hot air soldering station with a power of 1400W is a modern station with a power of 1400W intended for professionals who value the highest quality of workmanship and reliable operation.
Despite its inconspicuous dimensions, the station stands out among other similar models on the market with the following functions:
  • high power in relation to dimensions
  • silicone cable, very well made
  • 3.5-inch high-resolution IPS screen,
  • built-in intelligent operating system with the option of updating via the Internet,
  • updates via WiFi OTA, connection via Bluetooth
  • ability to program heating profiles and track them on a graph in real time during soldering,
  • quiet, brushless blower, high-power 1400W heating core with increased blowing speed by up to 50% from the H310D version
  • various operating modes: standard mode, soft mode (unsoldering the connector) and maximum speed mode (fast unsoldering of chips),
  • built-in all kinds of chip desoldering parameters,
  • updating and building data in the cloud in real time,
  • possibility of automatic calibration with the AX-DT01 meter,
  • WiFI, Bluetooth, USB-C communication.









Technical Specifications
  • Model: H312,
  • Brand: AiXun,
  • Input Voltage: 220V, 60Hz/50Hz,
  • Power: 1400W,
  • Screen: 3.5 inches, IPS technology,
  • Communication Type: Type-C/ WiFi/ Bluetooth,
  • Temperature Range: 100~500°C,
  • Air Flow: 15-50,
  • Air Flow Adjustment: 1-100,
  • Airflow type: straight and spiral airflow,
  • Dimensions (main station): 199x100x160mm
  • Weight: 3.72 kg.
Features and benefits
  • Latest Technology: The Aixun H312 soldering station uses the latest technology achievements, allowing you to monitor and adjust soldering parameters in real time.
  • Cloud Database: This is the first intelligent soldering station that supports desoldering based on technical data saved in the cloud. Users can create, modify, save and share their own parameters, allowing them to create an exclusive database.
  • HD Screen: The large 3.5-inch IPS HD screen allows you to conveniently and precisely monitor temperature changes while soldering.
  • Advanced Connections: The station supports WiFi, Bluetooth and USB-C, which facilitates communication and allows access to OTA software updates.
  • High Heater Power: The heater power of 1400W ensures quick heating and maintaining a stable temperature, which is crucial in the soldering process.
  • Operating Modes: The station has three operating modes: standard, soft mode (for desoldering connectors) and fast mode (for desoldering integrated circuits). These modes can be quickly switched using dedicated buttons, making work much easier even for novice users.
  • Aixun application: Soldering station, thanks to the dedicated official application, allows, among other things, updating the soldering station itself as well as accessories intended for it, e.g. a device enabling the calibration of the AX-DT01 station.
  • Improved stock pipe: the hose supplying air to the stock is made of silicone rubber, which is characterized by increased flexibility and durability.
The Aixun H312 soldering station is an advanced tool that is widely used both in professional electronics workshops and in home electronics work. Here are some main uses of this smart soldering station:
Soldering and Chipping Electronic Components: Aixun H312 is perfect for soldering and chipping electronic components such as capacitors, resistors, integrated circuits, or connector sockets. Thanks to precise control of temperature and air flow, it enables safe and accurate work on printed boards.
Component Repair and Replacement: Electronics professionals use the Aixun H312 to repair and replace damaged or obsolete components in electronic devices. This is essential in today's world where many electronic devices can be repaired instead of replaced.
Creating Prototypes and DIY Projects: People involved in creating electronic prototypes or DIY (do-it-yourself) projects use this soldering station to connect components on printed circuit boards. Thanks to precise control of temperature and air flow, durable and reliable connections can be achieved.
Professional Work and Hobby: Aixun H312 is a versatile tool that can be used both in professional workshops and in home electronics hobbies. It allows for accurate and precise soldering, which is crucial to avoid damaging delicate components.
Mobile Device Repair: Many specialists
Those dealing with the repair of smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices use soldering stations for precise repairs of electronic components in these devices.
Working with Electronic Connectors: Aixun H312 offers various working modes, including a connector desoldering mode. This is useful for working with connector sockets, which are often found in electronics.
The set includes:
  • Aixun H312 hot air station - 1 piece,
  • standard hot air nozzle - 4 pieces,
  • stock stand - 1 piece,
  • power cord - 1 piece,
  • user manual.



Product weight: 4.00 kg.
Delivery time: 3-7 working days
Shipping cost: 73.71 EUR


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