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WDS650 2xHR + 6500W quartz BGA rework station

WDS650 2xHR + 6500W quartz BGA rework station
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Product weight: 108.00 kg

WDS650 2xHR + 6500W quartz BGA rework station is an integrated system for repairing and replacing BGA, uBGA, CBGA, CCGA, CSP, QFN, MLF, PGA circuits. The WDS-650 model is a very efficient (total power of 6500W), a professional and modern solution for disassembly and assembly of integrated circuits for consumer electronics, medical, telecommunications, military, automotive and industrial services. The device was designed for repairing motherboards for personal and industrial computers, graphic cards, notebooks, consoles, mobile phones, modules and car controllers made in lead-acid and lead-free soldering technology. Especially recommended for working with large multilayer PCBs. The very high power and efficient cooling system ensures efficient operation and reduces the time of high temperature impact on the board to a minimum.


- total power: 6500W
- power of the upper hotair heating element: 1200W
- power of the hotair heating element: 1200W
- total power of the lower quartz heater: 4000W (4x1000W)
- power supply voltage: AC 230V / 230V 50 / 60Hz (power cable 3x2,5mm2)
- temperature sensors: sensors type K (thermocouple) with accuracy +/- 1C
- min. PCB size: 10x10mm
- max. PCB size: 380x420mm
- size of the lower quartz IR heater: 280x390mm
- maximum weight of the positioned system: 120g
- size of supported systems: 1-80mm
- thickness of supported PCB laminates: 0.5-4mm
- dimensions of the station with LCD: 900 (height) x 640 (depth) x 770mm (width)
- control: color touch screen 7 "HD HMI + PLC
- overcurrent protection: fuse with C32 characteristics.
- net weight: 70kg
- written guarantee: 24 months Door-To-Door (also for heating elements)

The distinguishing features of the WDS-650 model are:
  • Precise, efficient and ultra-fast quartz infrared IR radiators (their efficiency is higher than hotair heaters invaluable for multilayer boards, eg large scale industrial computers),
  • Three external temperature sensors with accuracy of +/- 1C
  • A total of 6 sensors that control the temperature.
  • Automatically retractable and retractable optical positioning system Split Vision 1080p,
  • Control of the HOTAIR upper heater from the software level,
  • Three automatic modes: Weld - automatic mode of soldering the system, Remove - automatic mode of desoldering the system, Mount - full automatic mode of desoldering and positioning the system in relation to PCBs and soldering the system
  • Semi-Auto mode for full control over the process,
  • Automatic lifting and lowering of the system before and after the brazing process,
  • High heating power of all 6400W heating zones,
  • A large area for PCBs 380x420mm,
  • Large surface of the bottom quartz heater 280x390mm,
  • Three heating zones controlled by a microprocessor 2xHOTAIR + IR,
  • 7 "LCD touch panel with microprocessor control, visualization and memory for 20,000 solder profiles,
  • Precision laser pointer with position adjustment,
  • Two interchangeable suction tips for the upper vacuum gripper for smaller and larger systems (optional tip for elements up to 1.5x1,5mm),
  • External USB port for software upgrade,
  • 15 "LCD monitor cooperating with the camera in 1080p resolution.

    WDS-650 soldering station has a 7 "LCD touch screen, large area of the lower IR heater 280x390mm, for smaller laminates it is possible to switch off individual sections of the lower heater, 20,000 profiles possible to program, vertical adjustment of the bottom hotair heater (under the PCB). tracking all parameters on the LCD touch screen continuously The LCD display shows all the station operation parameters in real time, including graphical visualization of the heating process status and set temperature as well as the temperature reached in the graph for each of the three heating zones and each of the three external temperature sensors.

    On the screen, the following temperatures are given in numerical form as well as on the chart:

    - temperature of the upper HR heater
    - temperature of the lower heating element of the HR
    - temperature of the lower quartz IR heater
    - temperature of the external sensor No. 1
    - temperature of the external sensor No. 2
    - temperature of the external sensor No. 3

    In addition, every seldom the station provides separately for each of the three zones a total heating time in the range of 3 temperature ranges set by the operator - this is a step towards maintaining standards in line with the IPC recommendations. After completing the soldering process, the display can analyze the full course of the heating process in each of the 3 heating zones and each of the 6 sensors. The station's software is equipped with KEEP profile hold button. After pressing it, the station maintains all temperatures reached by it at a given moment until the KEEP button is pressed again. The function is useful in the case of such soldering that quite reliably melts at temperatures considered appropriate for a given alloy or with multi-layered PCBs when developing a correct heating profile.

    In order to ensure the best soldering effect in the station, there are 3 independent zones / heating surfaces (top, bottom and PCB heater) whose temperature can be controlled and controlled separately. In addition, the heating sections of the lower heater can be switched off by blocking two switches eg in the situation of heating / heating a smaller PCB. The first (top) and second (bottom) zone is the hot air blast HR. The third (bottom) is a powerful quartz IR emitter that features:

    - they emit infrared IR waves
    - quartz reinforced housing
    - small dimensions and at the same time high efficiency and precision in direct heating
    - they heat directly the surface on which they fall (not the air)
    - their effect is felt immediately after switching on (it can be seen in the attached picture of the heating profile)
    - heating of PCB / PBA surfaces twice (compared to ceramic infrared heaters) (maximum temperatures for these radiators are 2,600 ° C)

    The IR zone heats the panel over the entire surface, reducing stress and lowering the temperature needed for the soldering of the element.

    The soldering process is programmed from the touch screen level creating a suitable soldering profile for the specific PCB layout and laminate. Each of the three heating zones can be controlled separately via 8 groups / parameter steps. Each of the groups / steps consists of three parameters:

    - temperature increase per second
    - final temperature values
    - time of maintaining a given temperature

    Thanks to the precise control of the increment and temperature values at each stage of the process, the highest standards and IPC standards are strictly defined, which precisely determine the individual soldering phases of the systems, ie PREBAKE, PREHEAT, SOAK, REFLOW, COOLING. To determine the exact temperatures in each section, precise K-type thermocouples with accuracy +/- 1C in a closed loop were used. After each desoldering / soldering process an alarm is generated. In the event of high uncontrolled temperatures or damage to one of the fans, the programmed protection system can trigger an alarm and disconnect the heating zones.

    The station is equipped with 6 points supporting the plate on each side. The main PCB holder has been equipped with a V-groove, which ensures quick and stable plate assembly and a large adjustment range. In the case of irregularly shaped slabs, the station is equipped with 6 PCB holders which, in addition to the V-grooves, also have pins that are ideally suited for placing in the plate mounting holes. In order to eliminate sagging of the plate during the soldering process, the bracket has additionally two rows of brackets and the possibility of supporting directly under the brazed system (screw with adjustable height in the bottom hotair nozzle). To direct the hot air and protect neighboring elements in the station in the upper and lower part, magnetic nozzles were designed. Nozzles are mounted very simply with one hand. They can be set and rotated at any angle. All hotair nozzles (up / down) have special side openings which blow away excess hot air.

    The set includes:

    - Soldering station WDS-650 with a capacity of 6500W.
    - Nozzles of the upper heater (41x41mm, 38x38mm, 28x28mm, 18x18mm).
    - Main nozzle of the lower heater hotair (50x50mm).
    - Two metal suction nozzles with different diameters are screwed into the upper vacuum gripper.
    - Spare silicone tips for vacuum gripper (5pcs - 9mm, 3pcs 7mm).
    - K-type thermocouple - 3 pcs.
    - Six handles for non-standard PCBs + mounting screws.
    - Additional 2 lateral holders for supporting larger PCBs.
    - 15 "LCD monitor.
    - Polish Polish manual.

    The distributor gives a 24-month warranty on this model of the station.

  • Product weight: 108.00 kg.
    Delivery time: 1-3 working days from shiping date
    Shipping cost: 468.99 EUR


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